11 May 2010

i thought i felt your touch, but the water's rising up ♥

So my sister and I started this blog some months ago, but I became so completely immersed in college decisions and other things that I promptly forgot about it. I'm thinking I'll start it up again slowly but surely (posts are gonna be rather erratic until summer, when I hope to be posting quite regularly). Let's see how this blogging thing goes.

These are some photos from a very low-key modeling job I did as a favor for my friend Eva. She just recently came out with a new line of "Boyfriend Shirts" for her label, Eva Assali. Although the shirts are a tad pricey for a penniless student like myself at $160 a pop, I must admit they're undeniably comfortable and stylish.... luckily since I'm the model I don't have to blow through my entire budget and I can get them for free. =]

In other news, I have been practically drooling over these Jeffrey Campbell wedges on nastygal for like the past week:
I want, I want, I want! And I will have. As soon as I get a job, that is. Which will happen next month. Meow.

Shirts: Eva Assali
Shoes (from top): Steve Madden, Converse, Underground England
Photocred: Kloƫ Liautaud